July 6, 2008

Bachelors of Bollywood, but Not Single!


They are the young bachelor boys of Bollywood. But no, they are not single.

A new brigade of youngsters has entered the industry with the 'committed' tag. This is something that used to be quite an issue in age-old Bollywood where Aamir Khan had once kept the fact that he was married under wraps when he entered the film industry. But today, the actors have their priorities very clear and their heart in the right place. Here's a look at the Bollywood hunks and their ladies

Ranbir Kapoor

Through the Kapoor lad entered the industry with a single status, he was soon, within no time, linked with Deepika Padukone. After denying this for a long time, Ranbir finally popped the question and Deepika politely said 'yes'. And since then, the lovebirds have been the focus of everyone's attention in B-town. Alas, another bachelor has now been ticked off the 'most-wanted' list!

Neil Nitin Mukesh

With his gorgeous looks and the already miles-long female fan following, it would indeed be surprising if Neil Nitin Mukesh didn't have a girlfriend. Well, he does! We hear the newbie is dating a pretty, Delhi-based Punjabi gal. He comes to the city whenever he can - like he did, on his birthday. And though he has reason enough to fly down to the capital, he doesn't have reason enough (yet) to admit to and come out in the open about this lady love of his. So there is a chance yet - and maybe not, but no harm in trying your luck.

Harman Baweja

Though he does not want to accept it, but Harman Baweja does blush when spoken to about Priyanka Chopra. Even Priyanka has gone an extra mile to promote Harman's debut movie, which also stars her. So, this love story sure exists in 2008.

Imran Khan

He is already popular with the teenage crowd, and sorry, is not single. Yes Imran (cute) Khan has been in a relationship with girlfriend Avantika Malik, for a good six years now - that's what he confessed to this daily. This Khan comes into the industry with a 'no entry' single tag. Sorry girls!

Kunal Kapoor

This good-looking actor has been linked up with a number of co- stars, which makes him quite a hot property in Bollywood. From Dia Mirza to now Sonam Kapoor, whether or not rumours are true, Kunal has never been seen not seeing anyone. Yet he maintains that he is single. In this case, our guess is as good as yours.

R Siddharth Narayan

The great-expressions actor from Rang De Basanti started dating co-star Soha Ali Khan while the shooting of the movie was still on. And so, this has been a love story going on since then. Both of them deny it, yet they are both seen with each other everywhere. Now, can there be smoke without fire?

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