July 6, 2008

Tonga Broadcasting Commission Launches Second TV Channel

Text of report by Tonga Broadcasting Commission website on 4 July

Television Tonga-2 will be launched today as part of commemorating the 47th anniversary of the Tonga Broadcasting Commission (TBC). TBC general manager Elenoa Amanaki said the station has recorded some major achievements with the establishing an FM station in 1986, launching of the television department in 2000, establishing a branch in Vava'u last year, as well as establishing a website and now launching a second television channel which will broadcast from 5-11 every evening.

This new channel will include a variety of programmes, including sports, movies, other foreign programmes and a six-hour [as published] CCTV [China Central Television] programme.

Tonga Broadcasting Commission was established by Her Late Majesty Queen Salote Tupou III in 1961 as an AM radio station only and was known as ZCO.

In her opening speech, the late queen said the opening of the ZCO was Tonga's connection to the world. She highlighted the establishment of the station as a major development for Tonga in creating a more orderly and efficient way of cooperation. She said the people would be educated on various ideas with hopes that it would also promote peace among the people and its neighbours.

The TBC strives to be the best and number one provider of broadcasting in Tonga, with the mission of producing and broadcasting quality programmes that will inform, educate and entertain the people of Tonga, and address the challenges of using up to date information technology, and to be commercially viable.

TV Tonga-2 will launch at 5 p.m. today and will run until 11 p.m.

Originally published by Tonga Broadcasting Commission website, Nuku'alofa, in English 4 Jul 08.

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