July 7, 2008

Mark Pasetsky’s Tecktonik Media Announces ‘Direct Blog Ads’

NEW YORK, July 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Tecktonik Media, the digital publishing network featuring CoverAwards.com, Shakiki.com and GayQA.com, today announced the launch of Direct Blog Ads(TM) (http://tecktonikmedia.com/advertise/), a new approach in blog advertising.

"Direct Blog Ads are a combination between traditional blog posts and ads," said Mark Pasetsky, Editorial Director & Publisher, Tecktonik Media. "Marketers are now able to promote their offerings in the place visitors are most engaged -- directly in the blog. While the posts will look like a typical blog post, we will clearly mark the post as a Direct Blog Ad so visitors will know the difference."

Direct Blog Ads are perfect for media and entertainment companies who are promoting shows, movies and events. It can also be used by companies who are marketing products that are specifically targeted to our visitors' interests.

Pasetsky continues, "Tecktonik Media offers three consumer blogs with specific niches and each one is highly valuable to marketers."

-- CoverAwards (http://www.coverawards.com/) specializes in delivering the media industry the biggest stories of the day in celebrity, politics and media.

-- Shakiki (http://www.shakiki.com/) offers daily celebrity scoop on today's hottest stars in young Hollywood. The site targets teens and young adults.

-- GayQA (http://www.gayqa.com/) answers the biggest questions about today's hottest gay and lesbian stars.

In order for companies to participate in the Direct Blog Ad program, content must be approved by Tecktonik Media and must be of interest to our blog readers. In addition, editorial is written about the content provided in the style of the blog.

Tecktonik Media was founded in 2007 by Life & Style's former general manager and editor in chief Mark Pasetsky. Under his direction, the magazine became the fastest growing magazine on the newsstand. The magazine was also named the 2004 Magazine Launch of the Year by magazine guru Samir Husni. For more information on Tecktonik Media and our network, please visit http://www.tecktonikmedia.com/).

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