July 7, 2008

‘Imaginationland’ Trilogy to Air As Movie

South Park Imaginationland: The Trilogy is to air for the first time on U.S. television as a feature-length movie, Comedy Central said Monday.

The three episodes of the animated show are scheduled to run on the network July 27 for the first time as one complete, director's cut film. Previously unaired footage was created especially for the movie, the network said.

Watch Stan and Kyle try to stop the United States Army from nuking Imaginationland while Butters leads the resistance from inside everyone's wildest dreams, a press release from Comedy Central said. Meanwhile, a wronged Cartman is out to get Kyle down on his knees to make good on a bet. Join Kyle, Stan, Cartman, Butters, Al Gore and Mel Gibson as they follow the terrorists to the gates of Imaginationland and make the world safe for everyone's imagination!