July 7, 2008

City Lights Television Celebrates 2500th Pitch

City Lights Television celebrated its 2500th pitch this week, the 2500th format they've pitched since launching in 2003. So far, these pitches have yielded a total of 115 deals for the company, and this year they are on target to pitch 750 times between their New York, Los Angeles, Digital and International divisions.

In 2007 alone, the City Lights Television development team had 173 pitch meetings during which they pitched a total 712 original formats. From those 173 meetings, they signed 37 deals.

"I have the luxury of working with some of the very best development minds in the business," says City Lights Television President Dave Noll. "On our staff, we have eight people who have created formats for various networks and brands, including MTV, Lifetime, AMC, Nickelodeon, Barnes & Noble and Heavy.com. As president, my job is simply to get those amazing ideas to as many potential buyers as possible." Recent formats sold include Lifetime's "Your Mama Don't Dance," Food Network's "Chopped," Barnes & Noble's "Book Obsessed" and TV Guide's "Celebrity Says."

City Lights Television, one of the most prolific pitch companies in the country, is currently expanding their development team to include two development execs on each coast for television, two digital execs, two international execs and two Senior Development Executives whose job is strictly creating formats.

While most production companies stick to pitching one or two ideas per meeting, City Lights has arguably the most original and aggressive pitch strategy in the business, pitching 5-7 formats per meeting, thus allowing them to pitch 2500 formats in such a short amount of time. City Lights' distinct pitch style includes a buzzer they bring to each pitch, giving TV executives the power and control to keep things moving along.

City Lights' 2500 pitches and 115 deals are an impressive accomplishment, but the numbers also serve as another reminder. "We're amazingly proud of our statistics. 115 deals is a great accomplishment in such a short time, but it also means we're celebrating our 2385th pass," says City Lights Television Senior Vice President of Development Michael Krupat. "It just goes to show you how hard this industry is."

Launched in 2003, six time Emmy nominated and award-winning City Lights has produced over 500 episodes of television for such networks as MTV, Lifetime, Nickelodeon, Vh1, AMC, Oxygen, The N, HGTV, Fine Living, WE, Science Channel, Travel Channel and History Channel. Past awards include a 2005 Gracie for Best Talk Show Series, "Movies 101" and a 2006 Gracie for Best Reality Series, "Cover Shot." In 2007, City Lights won its first Emmy for Lifeskool's "Walking with Johnny." In 2008, City Lights Television is currently contracted to produce over 250 new episodes. Current series include: Lifetime's first reality dance competition show, "Your Mama Don't Dance," TV Guide's first game show "Celebrity Says," HGTV's hit, long running home improvement show "Don't Sweat It," and WE's longest running series, "Cinematherapy." For more information, please visit: www.citylightsmedia.com.