July 8, 2008

YouthFest Introduces Teens to the Boogaloo


THE paint fumes wafting around the dance studio yesterday only added to the creative vibe on the fifth day of YouthFest.

While a group of budding graffiti artists brightened up the wall outside, another group of teens learnt new moves from former Taranaki dance artist Future.

The international performer taught the group a "very technical" funkstyles dance from the 1970s called Boogaloo.

"It's really fulfilling to preserve a dance that I do by passing it on," he said.

"It's good to come home and help out -- I know how hard it is to break into the arts industry as a youth and I want to help them to pursue their dreams."

Future was relieved because the group was pretty good already, he said.

"Anyone can do it though -- I was terrible when I started out!"

The step-by-step approach Future took when teaching the dance was really helpful, workshop participant Alyssa Roberts (17) said.

"He slows it down so we get it faster and can remember it easier. He's a really good teacher -- he's got his own style."

The group outside learning graffiti art from Wellington's Juse1 and Kerb1 were a mix of first-timers and the more experienced.

They learnt basic can skills, like how to hold the can straight and upright, and about distance, speed and flow.

Passing on your knowledge and skills is a big part of hip-hop culture, Juse1 said. "We're here to set an example and show them where they can take their art. It happens all the time -- you find someone young and teach them what you know."

YouthFest continues today with music video filming at Govett- Brewster 9am, graffiti art at Waitara High School 12pm, heat 2 of guitar hero competition at Centre City 12pm, T-shirt design at Witt reception Bell St 12pm and singing and songwriting with Victoria Girling-Butcher at Govett-Brewster 2pm.


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