July 9, 2008

HD Radio(TM) Receivers Bust the $100 Barrier Creating Even More Value for Consumers

COLUMBIA, Md., July 9 /PRNewswire/ -- iBiquity Digital Corporation, the developer of digital HD Radio(TM) technology for AM and FM broadcasting, today announced that the all-important $100 price point for HD Radio receivers has been smashed. The new under $100 HD Radio devices from Coby, iLuv, JVC, Pioneer, Radiosophy and Sony will see home, office and automotive uses. The latest prices represent a 30 percent reduction compared to a year ago. In that same time frame, HD Radio receivers have added a spate of new and exclusive features, including iTunes(R) Tagging, providing consumers with a unique radio experience.

"This price point brings the superior performance of HD Radio receivers with attractive functionality to a much broader audience," said Bob Struble, President and CEO of iBiquity Digital. "Having world-class device manufacturers throw their support behind HD Radio broadcasting, and bring devices of this outstanding quality to the retail market at such an affordable price is yet another signal of the mainstream interest in the technology."

Just as impressive, many of the same top manufacturers are offering home, office and automotive units for under $200. Coby, Dual, iLuv, Insignia, Jensen and Sony have new receivers between the compelling prices of $119 and $179.95, some of which include iTunes Tagging, iPod docks and iPhone compatibility. With the marriage of a reasonable price tag and a multitude of functions/services, the value proposition for consumers just keeps getting better!

Developed by iBiquity and supported by the leaders of the broadcasting, consumer electronics, retail and automotive industries, HD Radio technology is a significant advance in radio broadcasting. HD Radio broadcasts are available to 83 percent of Americans and more than 1,700 HD Radio stations are already on the air with over 800 new FM multicast channels (HD2/HD3) that are exclusive to HD Radio listeners -- all subscription free.

Beyond additional free channels, high-quality sound, and premium location-based services, iBiquity, Apple(R) iTunes(R) and radio broadcasting groups have joined forces to create the newest mass-consumer service enabled by and exclusive to HD Radio technology called "iTunes Tagging." iTunes Tagging allows consumers to "Tag" songs heard on the radio with the touch of a button. The song information is transferred and stored in an iPod when cradled to an HD Radio receiver. The next time the iPod is synced to iTunes, the tagged songs will appear as a list, which can be previewed, purchased and downloaded. Hear it. Tag it. Download it. Never forget it!

The abovementioned component tuners, along with other HD Radio receivers for the home, office, and car, are conveniently listed in a buyer's guide accessible at http://www.hdradio.com/buyers_guide.php. The selection for HD Radio units has been growing at a rapid pace, with more than 60 unique models now available from manufacturers that include Polk Audio, Dual, JBL, Alpine, Kenwood, Jensen, JVC, and many more. Program selection has also been increasing at a steady rate, with multicast formats that can only be heard with an HD Radio device, spanning formats from "Local Rock" to "Chick Rock," and from "Pre-Beatles Oldies" to "Punk Young Alternative."

About iBiquity Digital Corporation

iBiquity Digital Corporation is the developer of the HD Radio(TM) system, which allows AM and FM stations to broadcast digital signals in tandem with their analog signals. This new technology provides broadcasters with a platform to offer crystal-clear, CD-quality sound as well as scrolling text and graphics. The additional digital signal enables multiple channels of programming on the same FM frequency (multicasting) and advanced services such as traffic updates. Over 1,700 HD Radio stations are now on the air, offering additional content via more than 800 subscription-free multicast channels. Inspired by its ability to deliver digital quality sound and services while leveraging existing analog spectrum, HD Radio technology is now being tested or adopted in many countries around the world, including Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Switzerland and Thailand. For more information, please visit http://www.hdradio.com/ and http://www.ibiquity.com/.

Note to editors: The "HD" in HD Radio(TM) is part of iBiquity Digital's brand name for its advanced digital AM/FM system. It does not mean hybrid digital or high-definition digital; both of these are incorrect.


The following is a sample of the growing HD Radio receiver segment that offers superior performance at consumer-friendly prices:

                                 UNDER $100    Home/Office Receivers  

-- Coby's HDR-650 is a palm-sized, tube-shaped model with a brushed-aluminum chassis and RCA outputs to existing stereo systems that is coming out this summer for the incredible price of $99.

-- iLuv's i168 has an MSRP of $99.99 and features a digital clock and date display with dual alarm function in addition to all of the standard benefits of all HD Radio devices.

-- The compact Radiosophy HD100 unit features an MP3 input, standard clock radio functions and HD-exclusive scanning option to help consumers choose among the clearest stations available for $99.

-- Compatible with virtually all audio systems, Sony is offering its lowest priced tuner, the XDR-F1HD, at only $99.99. The unit, which includes a wireless remote control, is currently available at retail.

Automotive Receivers

-- The JVC KT-HD300, with an attractive price point of $99, is compatible within the new lineup of in-dash units and adds HD Radio tuning to all JVC HD Radio Ready receivers.

-- Priced at just $99, Pioneer's GEX-P10HD is a hideaway module that is designed to receive high-quality HD Radio broadcasts that connects through the Pioneer head unit's IP-BUS interface.

-- The Sony XT-100HD is a super valued $99 automotive tuner module that includes high fidelity FM/AM Digital Radio with HD Radio technology and will work with most Sony car stereo units.

                                 UNDER $200    Home/Office Receivers  

-- This summer, Coby will introduce the HDR-700, a battery-powered, portable tabletop unit coming in at $149, which provides up to five hours of play time, a remote and a splash-proof case.

-- The iLuv i169 takes the superior quality of HD Radio technology and not only incorporates a digital clock display with dual alarm function, but also an iPod dock for the moderate price of $169.99.

-- With a MSRP of $149.99, the Jensen JiMS-525i is a fully-equipped, aggressively-priced speaker system with FM and AM HD Radio tuning, video-out functionality, and iTunes Tagging. It is the first unit to feature iPhone compatibility in addition to standard iPod compatibility.

-- Combining high fidelity HD Radio technology and an iPod docking station, Sony's XDR-S10HDiP with iTunes Tagging will be the first tabletop radio of its kind from the manufacturer when it hits the market this summer at $179.95.

Automotive Receivers

-- Built-in HD Radio reception with CD and MP3 playback and the convenience of a detachable faceplate: that's the Dual XHD6420 receiver at an MSRP of $119.00.

-- Insignia's NS-C5112 in-dash CD deck with detachable faceplate features a built-in HD Radio tuner and CD and MP3 playback for an MSRP of $119.00.

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