July 10, 2008

Pascal Filming a Song for the Lebanese Military

Lebanese singer Pascal Mishalani received an invitation to attend the 14th season of the 'Arab Song Festival' held in Tunisia. Bascal sang a great collection of her most beautiful songs. The celebration was aired live on channels in Tunisia, Morocco, Kuwait, Jordan and Algeria.

The festival is held in a different Arab country every year.

According to the London daily Elaph, Pascal received an award from the festival committee for her successful music career.

Pascal is presently staying in Morocco to host a number of live concerts and afterward she will head back to Beirut to continue filming a special video clip for the Lebanese army. The new song is called "Habibi Tawaa Bel Jeesh" (My Love was Drafted to serve in the Army), written by Basam Abi Antwan and distributed by Melhim Abu Shadid. The clip will be filmed in Beirut.

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