July 11, 2008

The Akron Beacon Journal, Ohio, HeldenFiles Column

By Rich Heldenfels, Akron Beacon Journal, Ohio

Jul. 11--Teddy's Back. Singer-songwriter Teddy Geiger figures that his current stop in Northeast Ohio is his 10th visit, with gigs ranging from playing the Great American Rib Cook-Off and Music Festival to a show at 8 tonight at Cleveland's Agora. (Special guests are Hilary McRae and Scott Harris. Tickets are $16 through Ticketmaster.)

Asked about the difference between playing a rib festival and a historic music venue, Geiger dryly said, "Well, at a rib fest, the focus is on the ribs. . . . "

But this time it's music, and a lot of material other than what he offered on his debut CD, Underage Thinking.

Through his Web site (http://www.teddygeiger.com), you can hear and download 33 new songs. Fans also are invited to vote on their favorites. The top 11 or 12 will end up on Geiger's second CD.

Like the first CD, the new stuff is appealing. But Geiger, 19, said he has changed quite a bit since the first CD and his appearances as musician Wayne Jensen on the TV series Love Monkey.

For starters, he said, "I moved out of my parents' house. . . . I'm becoming an independent person."

Tonight's show will include three or four old songs and the rest from the 33, he said.

More Geiger. He also is promoting the new movie The Rocker, which stars The Office's Rainn Wilson as an '80s musician trying to live out his dreams as part of his nephew's band. Geiger plays one of the band members in the comedy, which had a sneak preview scheduled at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last night. It opens in theaters on Aug. 1.

This is Geiger's first acting job since Love Monkey, a 2006 series for CBS starring Ed's Tom Cavanagh as a music-industry executive. Geiger played a young musician working with Cavanagh and got to do several songs on the show.

CBS pulled the plug after just three episodes (of eight made), although VH1 later ran all eight. Geiger says he still meets people who know him from TV, but he didn't follow up with other roles right away.

"Initially I started acting on Love Monkey to support the music career," he said. "After that, there wasn't much of a break to do anything because I was on the road. . . .

"After doing The Rocker, I feel like I want to do more acting. I figured out a lot about it, after spending a lot of time with Rainn and everyone."

Brinkley Settlement. The courtroom battle between Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook, her fourth ex-husband, ended Thursday. The former twosome settled, with Brinkley getting custody of their two children and Cook getting plenty of visitation.

Also, Brinkley keeps 18 properties in the Hamptons bought during their marriage, while giving Cook $2.1 million. According to the Associated Press, the family boat will be sold, with the profits split between Cook and Brinkley.

Not that it ever appeared the trial was about money or property. More that Brinkley wanted more public humiliation for her hubby, who cheated on the 54-year-old model with an 18-year-old.

The trial made Cook look bad, with a court-appointed psychiatrist calling him a "narcissist" who "needs constant reassurance that he is a terrific guy." But Brinkley was not unscathed; that same psychiatrist said she needs therapy to deal with her anger and "her choice of male figures."

Must Be a Summer-School Vocabulary Class. Yahoo.com recently looked at which words sent people searching for definitions online. The top five: obsequious, pugnacious, cantankerous, pulchritudinous and magnanimous.

Wedding Bells. Olivia Newton-John has wed Australian businessman John "Amazon John" Easterling, People.com reports.

"Only the bride and groom attended the Incan spiritual ceremony held on a mountaintop outside of Peru on June 21," the site says. "The couple then returned to the U.S. and made their union legal with a beachfront wedding in Florida's Jupiter Island on June 30." They then gave the news to friends at a July 4 party.

It's Newton-John's second marriage, following one to actor Matt Lattanzi. People said Newton-John is 59, and Easterling -- founder of the Amazon Herb Co. -- is 56. Several other news organizations said Easterling is 49.

Wish I'd Said That (and I Probably Will). With a photo of actor Billy Dee Williams, TMZ.com said, "The actor is 71 years old and could still take your woman."

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