July 13, 2008

Rubi Raises Fears

The famous Egyptian actor Mahmoud Yasin asked director Muhammad Yasin not to have the famous Egyptian artist Rubi appear in any nude scenes in the film "Al Waed" (The Promise).

Mahmoud is afraid that any outrageous scenes in the film, in which he has the leading role, might damage his image and tarnish his name.

Egyptian actor Mahmoud Abed Al Aziz had the same concerns about an earlier film.

Rubi denied the allegations.

"Al Waed" was written by Wahid Hamed and was filmed in Morocco. A Moroccan production company owned by director Nabil Ayoush and Muhammad Mizan, produced the Egyptian film.

Several Moroccan newspapers accused the film makers of disparaging the image Moroccan woman, claiming several female actors looked like 'prostitutes' in the film.

The female actors revealed that they were asked to wear revealing clothing. Several reports accused director Muhammad Yasin of casting women under 18-years old in the film.

The scenes in question were filmed in Tanjaa Morocco when the leading star of the film runs away to Morocco to hide. He meets a prostitute at his hotel and she helps him by hiding him at her house.

Yasin said the image of Moroccan women image has not been damaged. "The role of the prostitute was played by an Egyptian actor, and that doesn't mean that all Egyptian women are prostitutes," said Yasin. 2008 Al Bawaba (www.albawaba.com)

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