July 15, 2008

Ukraine’s Court Rules All Foreign Films Must Be Dubbed into Ukrainian

KYIV. July 15 (Interfax) - Ukraine's Higher Court of Arbitration has granted a complaint by the Prosecutor General's Office concerning film distribution rights, which brings the provision on the state certificate for the right to distribute and show foreign films into line with the Constitutional Court ruling of December 20 2007, and requires that all foreign films be dubbed into the Ukrainian language, the Prosecutor General's office reported on Tuesday.

Earlier reports said that the Constitutional Court had ruled that all foreign films be dubbed into Ukrainian, or be provided with subtitles before being shown to the public, as required by Article 14 of the Law on Cinematography.

The owners and managers of movie theaters asked to be given three years to switch to 100% dubbing, given an outflow of viewers who prefer to watch films in Russian translation.

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