July 17, 2008

TMZ: Police Pepper Sprayed Brolin, Wright

Police used pepper spray and stun guns while arresting actors Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright after a Louisiana bar brawl, sources told TMZ.

The actors reportedly were at a Shreveport, La., saloon, celebrating the end of filming on their President George Bush bio-pic, W, last weekend when a fight broke out. Brolin, Wright and several other members of the W cast and crew were arrested for allegedly interfering with a police officer.

TMZ said police used foul language and allegedly uttered the N-word when referring to Wright, who plays Colin Powell in the movie.

The entertainment news Web site said its sources said and the Louisiana television station KTBS reported that Wright was repeatedly hit with a stun gun and pepper-sprayed as he lay on his stomach in the street.

Witnesses also claimed they saw police repeatedly dousing Brolin in the eyes with pepper spray while he was standing quietly.

Some of the incident was captured via cell phone video, TMZ said.

The city attorney reportedly hasn't determined whether to bring criminal charges against Brolin, who plays Bush in the film, Wright or the others arrested in the incident.