July 18, 2008

3 Dots Still Have a Place

By Wes Hughes

Three-dot journalism still has its place.

The master of it was the late Herb Caen of the San Francisco Chronicle. He called the city Baghdad by the Bay.

That was when Baghdad still evoked mystery and exoticism. Not yet the hellhole it has become, stained with the blood of brave Americans ...

Brett Favre is a wonderful football player and I love to watch him play but I wish he would stay retired where he is: On top.

He had a great season last year. One of his best. No one wants to see him become a laughingstock because he stayed too long.

If he insists on coming back and the Green Bay Packers put him in the lineup, I'll still root for him. Or if he goes to Minnesota, I'll root for him there, too, although I'm definitely a Packer fan.

I'm a natural-born cheesehead and my dad had a friend named Wes Leaper, who played in the line for the Pack back in the 1930s. If you want to stay close to football, Brett, get a job in TV.

You'd be as good as those other guys

Speaking of Minnesota, my son Rand and his wife Vickie are visiting me from that northern clime. They drove out here. He hates to fly and besides, they wanted to do the tourist thing, make a real trip out of it.

He just retired from his job as a property appraiser for the county assessor's office back there and it was perfect motivation for their drive through the Dakotas to Yellowstone and up Bear- Tooth Pass, down through Salt Lake City, across Nevada and Central California to Morro Bay.

Highway 1 was closed because of the fires, so they had to take an inland route south to my place. Since they got here, we've been doing almost all of the local sight-seeing together, but I skipped Disneyland and chose work instead. They will be returning by a different route and seeing more stuff

You would have to pay me a large sum of money to get me to go to the Magic Kingdom. I haven't been there in years but in D'land's beginning, my job took me there all the time. I met and photographed Walt Disney and many of the stars and heads of state that flocked to the place in the early years. One of my young cousins became Walt's personal messenger

For what it's worth, I'm dropping HBO and picking up Showtime as my premium channel of choice. I rarely watch television. I spend most of my time working at my computer or reading. I subscribed to HBO because it carried "The Sopranos," my all-time favorite show, and "Inside the NFL."

Except for reruns, Tony Soprano and his good fellas are gone from the flat screen for good, and much to my dismay, HBO announced at the end of last football season it was killing "Inside the NFL."

Now, I learn Showtime has picked up "Inside" and it carries the series "Dexter," which I hear is very good if you like serial killers, or rather stories about serial killers. So listen up HBO, you are no longer king of the hill. You can't just loll about on your laurels, if you want my business

Next on my sight-seeing agenda is taking my son and daughter-in- law to the L.A. Farmers' Market and to Samy's Camera, a candy store for photographers, and maybe a movie at the ArcLight in Hollywood. I'll be back soon.

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