July 18, 2008

Rhimes: I Wasn’t Insulted By Heigl Remark

Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes insists she isn't miffed at Katherine Heigl, one of the stars of her U.S. hospital drama, contrary to some reports.

Media reports this week said Rhimes and the show's writing staff were planning to give Heigl's character, Izzie, a brain tumor after Heiglsaid she didn't want to be considered for an Emmy Award since she didn't feel she had been given good enough material last season to warrant an Emmy nomination.

I didn't feel insulted, Usmagazine.com quoted Rhimes as saying Thursday at a Television Critics Association event in Los Angeles. "I have a wonderful working relationship with Katherine, and Izzie is one of my favorite characters. So, (when I heard her comment) it was surprising. ... But Katie is an outspoken person and I think we all knew that already. ...

Storywise we have a really great story worked out that we're all very excited about. And things are going fine."