July 20, 2008

Madline Mater, ‘I Have a Red Line’

After leaving the famous Production Company 'Rotana,' opting for private production, the Lebanese artist Madline Matar has taken new and courageous steps to build her career. She has become more popular amongst her Arab fans.

As for her music, Madline's songs "Bahibak Wa Adari" (Love You And Make Excuses) and "Betlawan Leeh Alayah" (Why You Color On Me) were very successful.

She has been offered roles in several films and signed a contract with the Egyptian producer Al Sabki for her first leading role.

According to the London daily Elaph, Madline was recently in Egypt for the screening of the new film "Akher Al Kalam"(The last words). She approved of the outcome and said that was pleased to appear so "natural" in the film.

Madline denies that the leading role in the new film was first offered to the famous Lebanese artist Haifa Wahbe instead of her.

Madline asserted that she is different from Haifa, since Haifa is more of a performing artist than a singer.

Haifa performs and dances on stage in a very seductive manner and she could never be like her, said Madline.

"I have a red line that I can't cross in my video clips, because I respect myself and my work," Madeline said.

Maldine said that her new album is almost ready. She wil travel to Egypt to work on two new songs. The new album, produced by Madeline, includes eight songs.

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