July 21, 2008

William Rast Launches Fall 2008 Ad Campaign

LOS ANGELES, July 21 /PRNewswire/ -- William Rast, the premium denim and lifestyle brand conceptualized and founded by business partners Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala, delves into the world of advertising with a sultry fall campaign. The Los Angeles based brand will release "My Name is William Rast", featuring Timberlake and model Erin Wasson, which will be rolled out in the U.S. on three platforms; print, outdoor and, at the campaign's centerpiece, a series of film spots that will be released virally during the summer.

As a principal element of the creative team, the multifaceted Justin Timberlake not only plays the role of William Rast, but also co-wrote the screenplay, co-directed the films and wrote the original score. In addition to his role as one of the driving creative minds behind the scenes, Timberlake's on camera persona represents Rast as a mysterious character. He plays an accomplished rebel with an edgy sense of style, who inspires those around him to not always accept the way things are "supposed to be", but rather to use their own judgment and do things their own way.

The campaign tells the story of William Rast from the vantage point of the main character himself, who is a complex modern day hero, who rebels against the conformity of everyday life. Set in Tennessee, the accounts of William Rast's life are shared with his girlfriend, Birdie, played by Wasson. Draped in standout pieces from the fall collection, Wasson depicts Birdie as a strong woman with an unabashed sense of confidence. In tandem with her male counterpart, Wasson's character helps convey that in addition to being "partners in crime", the two are soul mates as well.

Marcella and Johan Lindeberg of Paris 68, brought on board to design the brand's first complete men and women's ready to wear collections, developed the campaign concept. They pulled together an unconventional team of film, commercial and music video professionals who contributed in bringing the character of William Rast to life. Another strong force in this accomplished group is director Jonas Akerlund, whose keen eye and knack for story telling adds a unique feel to this visually arresting tale. The films are shot with 16MM film for a raw and real feel that is aligned with the main character's personality.

The on-line premier of the campaign will take place at williamrastmovie.com, in conjunction with the launch of the redesigned website where you can experience the full campaign, as well as the denim and ready to wear collections. Designed as movie posters, the print and outdoor campaigns will mirror the film concept and can be seen in leading fashion magazines and key cities in the U.S. respectively.

William Rast

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