July 21, 2008

Statement By TV Watch in Response to Today’s 3rd Circuit Ruling

Jim Dyke, the Executive Director of TV Watch, has released the following statement in regards to 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision:

"A majority of Americans and 87 percent of all parents believe that they should be in charge of making television viewing decisions, not the government. Yet, for years groups like the Parents Television Council have used 'astroturf' campaigns to generate the majority of complaints to the FCC. They dismiss the ratings which parents find useful, as 'meaningless.' The blocking technologies, which parents use to support their old fashioned rules, they call 'useless.'

In the wake of today's court ruling, they will increase their lobbying campaign with members of Congress and regulators. They will generate more television studies with scary titles using faulty analysis, biased methodology and suspect omissions to influence the debate and raise money. All the while, claiming to represent a majority of Americans. But they don't. "

TV Watch was launched in May 2005 and is the leading national organization to promote parental controls and individual choices as an alternative to increased government regulation of TV content. TV Watch is a nonpartisan coalition of 27 individuals and organizations including legal and entertainment experts and political and consumer organizations representing more than four million Americans. For more information about TV Watch, visit TelevisionWatch.org or contact Emily Tyner at (843) 722-9670.