July 22, 2008

What About Seeing Warsaw?

IN Warsaw, you can see most clearly how Poland is taking full advantage of the tremendous and unique opportunities arising from the emergence of the free market and the development of democracy. Poland's capital is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. The investment boom is visible everywhere you look.

Warsaw has an economy almost free of unemployment. It offers an attractive business environment with a full range of modern business services and well-trained professionals familiar with western standards.

It is the financial centre of this part of Europe and an important consumer market. It has become the focal point of foreign investments and a driving force in the development of the entire country's economy.

A city with a population of nearly two million, it is the country's largest university and research centre with an enormous and highly skilled workforce. There are also 10,000 to 20,000 western managers, specialists working in the capital, deployed by consulting and development companies recognised world-wide, along with the hundreds of Western businesspeople visiting the city daily.

Of course Warsaw is fast becoming a major tourist centre and certainly lovers of culture and art, as well as those looking for entertainment, will find much to enjoy in Warsaw.

The capital houses great collections of Polish and foreign art. Historic works can be admired at the National Museum, at the Royal Castle, in Wilanow, and at the Palace on the Water in Lazienki, while contemporary art is exhibited in the Zachata Gallery and the Centre of Contemporary Art in Ujazdow Castle.

Warsaw is renowned as a centre of cultural tourism thanks to numerous theatrical and musical venues, including the prestigious National Opera, the Chamber Opera, the National Philharmonic Hall and the National Theatre, as well as the music theatres Roma and Buffo, the Jewish Theatre, characterised by its unique atmosphere, and puppet theatres, such as Baj, Guliwer and Lalka.

The city is also a host to many events and festivals famous world- wide, including the Chopin International Piano Competition, the International Contemporary Music Festival Warszawska Jesie?, the Jazz Jamboree, Warsaw Summer Jazz Days, the Stanislaw Moniuszko International Vocal Competition, the Mozart Festival, the Festival of Old Music, the International Theatrical Meetings, and the International Poster Biennial.

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