July 23, 2008

StoryRock Electronic Publishing Completes Commissioned Archive for the 96th Regional Readiness Command Unit of the Army Reserve

StoryRock Electronic Publishing, a leader in personal, professional, military, and yearbook e-Publishing technology, today announces the completion of an archive commissioned by the 96th Regional Readiness Command unit. The digital memory archive in a DVD-ROM format will be shown for the first time tonight at the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Army Reserve held at Fort Douglas.

This commemorative DVD-ROM makes it possible for members of the 96th, past and present, their families and the public to witness the Division's many accomplishments over time. Representing over one thousand digital pages containing photos and text, along with dozens of links to videos, the archive was compiled and designed by StoryRock's full service Military archival division, Remember My Service, to create a unique, dynamic, multimedia and interactive experience.

"Remember My Service, together with StoryRock core technology and its full video, audio and photo integration, creates professional histories for the soldiers and their families," said John Lund, CEO of StoryRock. "We are proud to have been involved in this project and expect StoryRock's technology and services to be utilized in the future for other similar projects throughout the military."

StoryRock Electronic Publishing's core technology seamlessly integrates video, audio and photos into the user's choice of CD, DVD or print output, creating professional results with a relatively short investment of time. StoryRock's consumer scrapbooking application, My Memories Suite, by Polaroid, powered by StoryRock, has just been named number one by Top Ten Reviews (announcement is due next week) and can be used by individuals to create professional quality digital and printed scrapbooks.

"The technology is versatile enough to power personal and professional applications," said Sharlene Hawkes, CMO of StoryRock. "It can capture the essence of a family event, a business event or, in this case, an archive quality history of the 96th."

This 96th Regional Readiness Unit's digital memory DVD will be shown at a private viewing during the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Army Reserve.

About StoryRock

StoryRock is a leader in Electronic Publishing with expertise in personal, professional, military and yearbook publishing. Operating and developing solutions for more than ten years, StoryRock has been a driving force in the growing trend of digital/personal archiving. StoryRock's core software functions across multiple platforms and enables users to manage photos, video and audio content from one program, and choose output (CD, DVD, print) after project creation. StoryRock has formed strategic partnerships with Polaroid and Lifetouch.

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SOURCE: StoryRock