July 24, 2008

Media Covering ASEAN Meeting Urged to “Exercise Restraint”

Media covering ASEAN meeting urged to "exercise restraint"

SINGAPORE, July 23 (Xinhua) -- Host Singapore Wednesday urged some reporters covering this week's ASEAN Ministerial Meetings to "exercise restraint" because some delegations have been swarmed by the media while entering or exiting the lobby of the Shangri-La Hotel, the conference venue.

Singapore's Media Sub-committee said that some members of delegations were pushed and jostled, adding that a senior member of a visiting delegation was accidentally hit with a video camera by a photo journalist, while in another, a child was almost trampled on by a group of media personnel chasing some delegates into a lift.

"There have been several complaints by accredited delegations and hotel guests on the behavior of some journalists at the conference venue", the Media Sub-committee said.

It also said while it fully appreciates the role of the media, and understands that these incidents were the result of actions by a few, "we nevertheless can not condone behavior that places the safety of delegates and hotel guests ...""We therefore strongly urge the media to exercise restraint, comply with the requests of conference officials and above all, respect the need for public safety", said the Media Sub-committee.

Some reporters have complained that they are not allowed to interview delegates as they enter or leave meetings in the hotel, and some statements or press releases are not available in the media center in time.

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