July 24, 2008

This Concert Will Lift Your Spirits

Times are tough. Gas prices are soaring, paying for heating oil is a challenge, food prices are rising, the housing market is sluggish. Please consider my suggestion for a way to escape (at least temporarily) from the many burdens that plague our lives these days.

Your spirits will surely be lifted by attending a concert tomorrow at 7 p.m. at the Gilmanton Community Church on Route 140 in Gilmanton Ironworks. The MacDonald Family Singers will astound you with their uplifting message, musical talent and ministry through music. The group consists of eight home-schooled children (ages 8- 23) and their parents. You will be treated to a delightful potpourri of music, including bluegrass, a capella, brass ensembles, yodeling, and sacred classical.

The MacDonald Family Singers is a ministry; their goal is to spread the Good News of the Gospel. They do accept donations, but there are no fees for concerts and they do not charge for CDs. Their website offers up tantalizing samples of the music they perform, as well as a blog with photos of the many trips they take as they travel around the country, spiritually enriching audiences everywhere they go.

You will be hooked once you attend one of their concerts. This is the third time our church has been blessed to have them visit. The musical gifts they share are truly inspirational. If you miss them, you'll regret it. Come, listen, enjoy the music, fellowship and refreshments, and brighten your day. For additional information, call 364-7891 or 267-6346. See you there!



Originally published by For the Monitor.

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