July 24, 2008

Fluid Music’s Trusonic(R) Extends Growing Relationship With Guitar Center

LA JOLLA, Calif., July 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Trusonic, Inc., the provider of the preeminent platform for the digital delivery of Business Music and Messaging to successful brands worldwide, today announced it has extended its relationship with Guitar Center, Inc. of Westlake Village, CA. for another term throughout all 210+ locations in 40+ states.

Trusonic provides a comprehensive audio strategy and implementation for its worldwide client base, creating a quantifiable connection between business, consumers and Digital Out-of-Home advertisers. By providing strategic control of music, messaging and ad placement, Trusonic solutions build on existing brand awareness while generating new revenue possibilities. The Trusonic Media Distribution Network utilizes a small footprint media player with which Guitar Center has the ability to provide both music and messaging to two unique zones. Each zone also has separate control of each service, allowing the MBOX to perform up to four distinct services without additional hardware. Guitar Center's unique use capitalizes on Trusonic's simple-to-use online toolset to create previously unattainable opportunities for creativity and flexibility.

"Yes, Trusonic has a tremendous catalog from which we're able to musically focus our environment to satisfy the expectation of our demographic. They've worked with us to provide a custom soundtrack and level of customer support that was just hasn't been available from other providers. But they've taken the available technology so much further and made it so incredibly easy for us to introduce our own employee independent tracks into the mix. The competition we have within our locations for employees to win a spot in the Guitar Center soundtrack has been one of our most successful internal programs," said Harold Lee, Director of Marketing for Guitar Center, Inc. "For us it's all about the music, seems that way for Trusonic as well. They have this technology that can do more, and do it better than anything else out there. But their Music Programming hasn't lost touch with what's happening in music or those making it happen."

Guitar Center chooses to centrally manage the Trusonic system, from their offices in California. "We're able to drill right down to a department within a store whenever we want and change any schedule to any store within minutes."

Lorne Abony, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Fluid Music, Trusonic's parent company, stated, "It's fitting that Trusonic and Guitar Center share a stage. Fluid Music's catalog, well over 5 million tracks, contains the largest library in the world of independent and emerging artists, Guitar Center's core clientele. Besides uploading their own employee's tracks, Guitar Center can draw on any of the millions of other independent artist's recordings we've already made available for all users, as well as a full complement of Major Label offering."

Among additional functionality Trusonic provides are auditable ad play reports retrievable at any time, and message addition or removal within minutes at one, or every location worldwide. Trusonic's music library, now at more than 5 million tracks, remains the largest licensed library on the globe.

For more information on Trusonic, go to http://www.trusonic.com/. For information on Guitar Center go to http://www.guitarcenter.com/.

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Trusonic's comprehensive audio solution creates an immediate, quantifiable connection between business, consumers, and Digital Out-of-Home advertisers, and is favored worldwide by many of the most successful retail and hospitality brands for its ability to target messaging and enhance the brand experience. Trusonic is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fluid Music Canada, Inc., a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: FMN). Fluid Music is the world's largest private label music aggregation and distribution company. For more information regarding Trusonic email [email protected]

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