July 24, 2008

TrimWater Announces Online Talent Search

NEW YORK, July 24 /PRNewswire/ -- TrimWater, the great tasting, low-calorie flavored water of choice for health and weight conscious individuals, is thrilled to announce the start of its revolutionary online talent search. The nationwide competition, conducted in partnership with NEHST Studios from now through October, will provide ordinary people a platform to display their talents and give them a chance to become a superstar.

Contestants can submit video entries showcasing their talents at http://www.screentest.biz/. In addition to discovering new, top models to act as the faces of the healthy alternative beverage, the talent search will find the best unknown photographers, makeup artists, fashion designers and more. Contestants will be able to follow the nine-week competition via original Webisodes produced by TrimWater and NEHST Studios that will detail how the search is unfolding.

"I could not be more excited about putting on this groundbreaking online talent search," said Lifestyle Beverages Founder David Sackler. "TrimWater is about helping people to be their best and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Through our online talent search we will shine a light on those whose talent have gone undiscovered and want to make a difference in the lives of others through our product."

"This competition will transform the way talent searches are done, online and in other media, because it is so responsive to the contestants," said Larry Meistrich of NEHST Studios. "Both companies are on the cutting edge of their fields - healthy, weight conscious refreshment and entertainment - and by combining our efforts we're giving people who have always dreamed of something bigger but may not live in Hollywood or have a talent agent to help them achieve their dreams. The online contest is a new way for them to break into the entertainment industry."

TrimWater was created by Sackler in response to a need for a low-calorie, low-sugar flavored water alternative for anyone who doesn't want to sacrifice great taste for staying in shape. After realizing how high-calorie high-sugar drinks, such as juices and popular flavored and vitamin enhanced water products add to weight gain, he sought to create a healthier alternative.

"Most of us are taught as children that juice is a vitamin rich, flavorsome alternative to water when in fact it is very high in sugar and calories," Sackler says. "Similarly, many energy drinks and vitamin enhanced water products now on the market put individuals in danger of weight gain with their high-calorie and high-sugar content. I wanted to create a product that could be consumed on a regular basis that would help to promote weight maintenance and loss."

TrimWater is the ultimate diet drink, with only 10 calories and 3 grams of sugar per bottle, and nutritionally enhanced to help with weight maintenance. TrimWater comes in a myriad of flavors and has no artificial colors, flavors, aspartame, preservatives, or carbonation, but it tastes great with no funky "diet aftertaste."

About Lifestyle Beverages, Inc.

Lifestyle Beverages is about great tasting, high quality beverages - with a twist. The twist is that we believe you can have a great tasting drink that won't "mysteriously" add weight and inches to your body. Lifestyle Beverages wants to give you the ability to drink truly healthier, without giving up the flavor you enjoy. The benefits of drinking water are well known & documented. We're about allowing you to reap those benefits, & making it taste great while doing it! We're not only about losing weight. We're about providing you with healthful alternatives to maintain a healthy weight & lifestyle. Weight loss without a healthy lifestyle for weight maintenance is not effective in the long term, and will not lead to you achieving your ultimate goals. We're here to help bring out the best in you. (http://www.trimwater.com/)

About NEHST Studios

NEHST is a content development, production and distribution company that integrates the most powerful trends in entertainment and new media technology today. NEHST embodies the innovative premise that the business of content development and distribution is fundamentally about niche marketing, community and branding. By harnessing technology, the experience of its team and a deep understanding of the digital revolution, they are at the forefront of the next generation of entertainment marketing.

Larry Meistrich, Founder of NEHST, is best known for producing the Academy Award-winning movie "Sling Blade" and Academy Award-nominated "You Can Count on Me" among countless other films and music videos. NEHST Studios partners with successful corporations, publications, multi-media firms to implement and support the film-making process and has successfully created a platform for all companies to create films in order to represent their brand as well as discover new talent. (http://www.nehst.com/)

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