July 25, 2008

Taranaki Lass Returns for Gig

FORMER Taranaki musician Kathryn Baker is looking forward to checking out the talent of her peers when she returns for a gig this weekend.

The Wellington-based singer songwriter is making waves herself with debut album Distrait, released in February.

Baker, speaking on a miserable cloudy day in the capital, says she visits family back in New Plymouth every couple of months.

Her musical family had a huge influence on her while she was growing up.

"Everyone apart from my dad could play at least one instrument and I remember tinkering around on my mum's piano as a little girl, playing these tunes. I guess it was ingrained in me. I didn't really get involved in the New Plymouth music scene, because I was so young - I wasn't allowed into pubs - so I am keen to see some of the local talent that is up there now."

Baker says she has checked out support act The Catch on its MySpace site and is appreciative of the local band's sound, and she will also be supported by New Plymouth singer songwriter Nathan Annand.

"There seems to be a lot of talent in New Plymouth."

Wellington has been good for Baker's musical aspirations, which she pursues in and around a flexible day job.

"I write in the wee hours of the morning or in the heat of emotion."

It was the diversity in her music that Baker wanted to pursue when she decided to record her debut album.

"I wanted it to be something different, as opposed to most other female artists, because I have such a wide range of tastes in music. I wanted each song to have its own sound on the album, rather than a bunch of songs that all seemed to have the same formula. It took a lot of brainstorming when selecting tracks, and getting other people's opinions that I trusted, because there were acoustic songs and some that were slightly electronica."

After Distrait was completed, Baker was named indie artist of the week on KiwiFM and rave reviews of her solo live performances were posted on WellingtonLiveMusic.com.

Distrait has been released in New Zealand stores and digitally to overseas audiences. The first single, Delight, reached the top 10 on local Kiwi charts.

Her latest single, Weak, has just been released, and the music video is receiving airplay on C4.

Baker performs with Nathan Annand and The Catch at the Basement on Saturday.

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