July 26, 2008

Digibox ; Five to See

what? Arena - Cab Driver

when? BBC Four, Tonight, 9pm LONDON'S cab drivers are said to have a photographic memory of the city's layout, and drive one of the most iconic motor vehicles in the world. However, they are among the most maligned characters on our city streets. By eavesdropping on the cabman's shelter in Russell Square, broadcaster Robert Elms explores the stories of five extraordinary cabbies in this specially commissioned documentary, which acts as the centrepiece of an evening of comedy, drama and news archive for the Beeb's Cab Night.

Among those featured are 91-year-old Roy Perkins, who picked up his first fare in 1938 and continued to work as a cabbie during World War II; Len Fox, who began driving his cab in 1974, and found himself in therapy 20 years later as he recounted his hatred for the people he served; and Harry Harris, who, after a cashed-up '80s driving his cab, quit to go travelling round the world.

what? The E! True Hollywood Story: Heath Ledger

when? E!, Tomorrow, 8pm ON January 22, 2008, the world woke up to the news that one of Hollywood's brightest young stars, Australian thesp Heath Ledger, below, had died from an accidental overdose. The handsome, dedicated father had dazzled film fans and critics alike with his increasing skill and subtlety as an actor, and it seemed as though the world was his oyster. Just days after one of his final films, The Dark Knight, hit cinemas, this documentary takes a look back at Heath's rise to fame. It reveals why he shied away from bubblegum fare after catching the eye in teen comedy 10 Things I Hate About You. That decision led to such powerful films as Monster's Ball and Brokeback Mountain. We will have to wait and see whether the star gets the posthumous Oscar he so richly deserves.

what? Saving Planet Earth when? UKTV Documentary, Monday, 7pm THERE'S nothing like being ambitious, is there? Certainly the people behind this series are just that. As a famous supermarket says, every little helps, and clearly those at UKTV Documentary are hoping that their efforts with Saving Planet Earth will go some way to doing what its title suggests. Originally broadcast on the BBC, this 11-part series features various celebrities campaigning on behalf of their favourite endangered species. Among those who've cropped up have been Jack Osbourne, above, Phil Tufnell and Nick Knowles, but this final edition is a little bit different. It contains coverage of a fundraising event at Kew's Royal Botanic Gardens, which raised money for the BBC Wildlife Fund.

Among those joining the dream presenting teamof Graham Norton and Alan Titchmarsh are David Attenborough, Kate Humble, Michaela Strachan and Simon King.

what? Rhodes Across China

when? UKTV Food, Monday, 9pm HAVING a surname which is remarkably similar to those things we travel has now become something of a burden to Gary Rhodes.

Instead of programme-makers coming up with newand original formats for him, they simply send him off to some far-flung place so they can use his surname as an "amusing" play on words.

So, it should come as no surprise to find he's off on his travels again, this time to China.

This 10-part series sees him and two apprentice chefs travelling across the country to learn about the best dishes from each province.

They begin their journey in Hong Kong, where the trio sample some dim sum dishes in an 80-year-old restaurant.

what? Dexter

when? FX, Thursday, 11.30pm IT'S not easy being a serial killer.

Sometimes it seems like the whole world's out to get you.

That's the problem bugging our friendly neighbourhood slasher, after his life's work (ridding the streets of evil-doers) is brought into the cold light of day. It's week three of the Bay Harbor Butcher investigation, and all of Miami is suffering through a heatwave.

Rita tells Dexter that her mother is coming to town to visit, both to show support after Paul's death and to patch things up with her daughter. Cody is starting to have nightmares about the BHB, but Dexter assures him that only people who do bad things should be afraid of the Butcher.

At the station, the task force begins re-examining the case with the newknowledge that the Butcher's victims are all criminals.

When Masuka confides in Dexter that he may havemade a major break in the case, Dexter becomes increasingly paranoid that he'll soon be found out. Will we continue to root for the bad guy?

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