July 27, 2008

7 Days TV: Tudors Are Sexed-Up

By Roz Laws

THE first series was a huge hit, so it's no surprise the lavish costume drama The Tudors returns to our screens this week.

It may not be very accurate, frequently departing wildly from historical fact - for example, Cardinal Wolsey was not imprisoned and he didn't commit suicide.

But its sexy, stylish and fastpaced formula went down a bomb in America, where it was nominated for two Golden Globes. BBC2 viewing figures weren't shabby, either, with more than three million - a million more than usual for that timeslot - tuning in.

The second series opens with Henry VIII (dashing Jonathan Rhys Meyers) appointing himself head of the Church Of England.

Having broken from Rome, he faces the wrath of the new Pope, Paul III, played by Peter O'Toole. He goes on to marry Anne Boleyn (Natalie Dormer, pictured with Henry) and they have a child, but not the longed-for son and heir. It's not long before his eye is caught by Jane Seymour (Anita Briem, currently starring at cinemas in Journey To The Centre of the Earth).

Fans will be pleased to learn that a third series has already begun filming.

The Tudors, BBC2, Friday, 9pm

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