July 29, 2008

Radiohead Break New Ground With Video Made Entirely of Data Online


The band and their assorted helpers have long had a keen interest in all things digital and electronic, and their latest adventure in cyberspace is further proof that they like to play around with the technology available.

Rather than make an ordinary video to accompany their new single House Of Cards, the band decided to create images entirely with data.

No cameras, studios or lighting rigs were used and no images were animated using traditional or computer-generated techniques.

Everything you see in the video (http://code.google.com/creative/radiohead/) was generated using lasers and computer software.

The laser bounced off singer Thom Yorke's face, and off landscapes and other people, and the returned signals were turned into images.

Typically, Radiohead didn't stop there.

They've put everything - the video, a "Making of..." film (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyQoTGdQywY&hl) and all the data they collected - up on Google's home for software projects, Google Code (code.google.com).

You can download the raw data, along with some instructions for using it, and then make your own video. Then you can upload your efforts to a specially created YouTube group (www.youtube.com/group/houseofcards).

At the time of writing the data had been downloaded over 3,000 times, although no reinterpreted videos had been uploaded.

If you're a Radiohead fan but not quite geeky enough to manipulate data into videos, you could just add the official Radiohead theme to your iGoogle home page (www.google.com/ig/).