July 31, 2008

This Summer, the Cheetah Girls Go on an Adventure Abroad

The Cheetah Girls are having what their fans would call a Cheetahlicious year. The actresses -- Sabrina Bryan, Adrienne Bailon and Kiely Williams -- spent about three months in India earlier this year filming their third adventure, "The Cheetah Girls: One World." The movie debuts on the Disney Channel on Aug. 22.

This month, they're doing loads of publicity to focus on the movie. We caught up with the busy trio to hear about their impressions of India. Here's what they shared.

The girls all agree shooting on location in India was an amazing experience.

"It almost seems unreal to us that we lived in India for three months and actually got to film a Bollywood movie," says Bailon, who was at work in the studio putting the finishing touches on the movie music. ("Bollywood" refers to the very successful Indian film industry.)

The best movie-making memory for Bailon was riding an elephant -- twice! She says it's something she would never have done otherwise. "I'm so scared all the time of stuff like that," she confides. "I'm not a risk-taker like that."

"India was nothing like we imagined it would be," Williams says. She says one thing she'll never forget is all the animals "just roaming free," including cows, chickens, water buffalo and monkeys. She even was chased by the playful monkeys at the City Palace (in Udaipur, Rajasthan) after she fed them bread.

"Besides the monkey chasing that happened, we also had encounters constantly as we were driving, with cows walking right past us and once in a while, even an elephant would pass by along the street," Bryan says.

"The country is beautiful," she says. "Vibrant colors are just everywhere, from the clothing to the amazing sights to the incredible palaces."

The three are also busy gearing up for their fall Cheetah Girls tour, working on songs and choreography.

Williams has this advice for kids: "No matter what you want to be, as long as you have a drive and a passion for it, you have to go after it," she says. "If you want to sing, act, play soccer or whatever, it's important that you take lessons, get involved in community activities, and look for opportunities to improve your skills."

Williams and the others are always looking for more Cheetah Girls opportunities. Along with India, they have filmed movies in Canada and Spain. So what location would they like to land if there is a fourth film? "I have two wishes. Either somewhere really exotic like Brazil and doing the Brazilian kind of music flavor or Shanghai (China) would be awesome, to mix in that culture," Bryan says.

Stay tuned, Cheetah fans, the girls could be taking you somewhere else in the future. But for now, they hope you'll join them on their next stop: impressive India.


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