August 2, 2008

Internet: Who Watches the Trailer?

By Craig Brown



THIS film adaptation of what is still the quintessential graphic novel - think postmodern superheroes - looks pretty much on the button. The site has plenty going on: downloads, photo gallery (that's Nite Owl, above) and whatnot. But, as the big portentous timer at the bottom of the screen shows, you've got a whole year to go before it hits the big screen. Bah.


THE latest episode in the series, Terminator Salvation, is already half-done and so the producers have enough to stick some teaser trailers out. Admittedly, the last Terminator, Rise of the Machines, was a dog of a movie, and if the Police Academy films have taught us anything at all, it's that we should be wary of any movie "franchise". But then, James Cameron, who directed the two good ones, has had a hand in this one and Christian Bale takes the lead role. Also it appears, thank God, that this will be an Arnie-free zone.


HERE'S a site that appeals to my vanity. This column's remit is to cover all that is "cool and funky, interesting and funny". Well this covers the first three because it specialises in vacuuming all that is hip and happening in the world - art, music, design, architecture, fashion, literature etc, then filtering the best stuff onto its site. Mind, being so preoccupied with "cool", it can't help but end up feeling slightly nerdy - which is not necessarily a terrible thing. You can't help imagining its creators sitting there in head-to-toe designer military apparel, wearing rectangular glasses, wondering if the new Dior cutlery wasn't a little declasse and fretting over whether Be Your Own Pet was past its sell-by date.


TO FINISH this week, a sweetly nutty little clip, based on Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. Imagine the corridor scene in which the little boy runs into the spirits of the two little girls, replayed using robots. Yep, it's that funny. I think it's the little red robot's raised eyebrows that make it so endearing. Its lo-fi ending is the cherry on the top.

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