August 3, 2008

Head ‘Em Up, Moove ‘Em Out


STUNNED to be dismissed as a hopeless horse rider, alleged high- flyer Laura Davidson adopted an interesting approach to dealing with expert criticism. "I am not rubbish.

I did a good job," she stormed.

But she was - and she didn't. A real bombshell as C4's latest meaningless reality romp Dangerous Jobs For Girls revealed that lawyer Laura was "currently single". Now there's a surprise!

She certainly didn't make any friends rejecting every word of advice from the Brazilian cowboys trying to teach three British wonder-women how to herd cattle across the world's biggest flood plain.

As show jumper Gemma Paternoster sobbed girlishly over a castrated stallion, a funny little Scottish lady called Nicola Ross- Watt boasted that she earns pounds 800 a day. Jolly well done.

"Are you married?" asked an impressively bilingual ranch hand. Wee Nicola, who obviously wears the short trousers, barked: "I have a house husband."

While the cattle men all roared with laughter, their sexist boss Andre growled: "What is this? You call him and he comes? He stays home like a gigolo watching TV. Like a pimp!"

Bad news for the sisterhood as it became uncomfortably clear that feminists simply aren't cut out to be cowboys. "Why don't we put them in the kitchen to do cheese like our women?" giggled Andre. Yes, let them do cheese.

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