August 4, 2008

Fraser Now Used to Fighting CGI Monsters

U.S.-Canadian action movie star Brendan Fraser says he thinks he is getting pretty good at dodging and fighting, if need be, computer-generated creatures.

Fraser had two films in the Top 10 at the U.S. box office this weekend -- Journey to the Center of the Earth at No. 5 and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, his third Mummy outing, at No. 2.

Am I an expert (at running from and fighting computer-animated adversaries)? Fraser said with a laugh, while talking to reporters in New York recently.

I have learned a considerable amount in the ... years that I have been lucky enough to be working on films that have CGI-intensive requirements, he explained. And, along the way, you pick up a few tricks and you also have got to forget that and remember that you are an actor and it's your job to perform and believe in what you are doing. That way it helps out the CGI geniuses so that they can do their thing, fuse it with your thing, deliver it to your audience, so everybody's happy.