August 4, 2008

When Going Hunting, Leave the Yellow Suit at Home

By Paul Stackhouse, The Decatur Daily, Ala.

Aug. 4--I couldn't help but chuckle when I watched comedian Bill Engvall, who was visiting the stage in Montgomery to entertain the thousands of people gathered for the Buckmasters convention.

A large -- and I do mean large -- coliseum was set up to allow people to mingle, buy and possibly sell or buy guns and receive firearm information from professionals to the trade.

Braving the huge crowd gathered at a restored railroad depot near the Montgomery Coliseum, Engvall started his routine as usual.

If you have watched Engvall before on his television show on TBS, you know just how much he loves his family. On this particular evening, Engvall told of a recent hunting trip in which he included his wife.

After driving a couple of hours, the two finally reached their destination. Bill was overly anxious, because he had seen a prize buck in the same area a couple of days before while scouting this acreage for good possibilities of claiming a trophy buck, something he had dreamed about his entire life.

As fate would have it, a gigantic buck appeared over a ledge right directly in front of the shooting house. Not believing his eyes, Bill keyed in on the monster buck with his scope.

But before he could pull the trigger, his wife did the unthinkable.

Without any warning, Engvall's wife quickly came out of her coveralls to show her secret apparel to keep warm -- a bright yellow jogging suit. And, according to Bill, the bright yellow clothing was just the beginning of his troubles to claim the buck of his dreams.

While putting her clothes back on, she started yelling at the big buck to run away.

Since that time, the comedian has made sure his hunting partners for the days were hunting experts and -- the most important criterion to join him on an adventure -- nobody would wear a brightly colored jogging suit.

It won't be long before deer hunting season is upon us again. The best years are the ones we prepare for the best.

Even though this story is written in its true form for the most part, the storyline is meant to tell all of you wishing to have a great deer hunting season that preparation is needed for not only the coach but all of the players as well.

And, remember, the coach, who is also the guide, should always keep safety first. Guides are people who wear many hats.

If the first is a safety hat, there's a good chance the next hat will be a happy one, because everybody there received important training on what should be taught first.


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