August 5, 2008

Editorial Week in Review

Divine wrath on trash fee

God does not like the city of Los Angeles' plan to raise trash- collection fees to $36 a month. At least that was the suggestion of one of the speakers at Tuesday morning's public hearing on the fee increase (which was all but a done deal at the time of the City Council's vote later that day).

The speaker, a San Fernando Valley woman, said that God would get the council for raising trash fees. And then, just a few minutes later -- when the council was pontificating about why the trash fees needed raising -- City Hall was jolted by that magnitude-5.4 earthquake.

Coincidence? Or maybe the woman was right that God was looking out for the people of L.A., who are getting squeezed from every end ...

Home, sweet home

"Whereas, Motley Crue, with members Tommy Lee, Mick Mars, Vince Neil, and Nikki Sixx, are one of the most successful and notorious hard rock bands in music and were the rebellious leaders of the 'LA sleaze rock' movement ..."

So begins the real, honest-to-goodness City Council resolution declaring last Thursday as Motley Crue Day in Los Angeles. The resolution also gushes that the band's new single "Saints of Los Angeles" was "inspired by the 103 streets named after saints in the city."

Wow. We're surprised the ever-effusive council neglected to mention Motley Crue's 1987 hit, "Girls, Girls, Girls," a paen to strip clubs everywhere, especially here in L.A.:

"Dancin' down on Sunset Strip ...

Girls, Girls, Girls

Body Shop, Marble Arch

Girls, Girls, Girls

Tropicana's where I lost my heart ..."

It only makes sense that the Crue would get its due from L.A.'s politicos. It's a natural fit. Sleaze rock in sleazy City Hall ... home of the motliest crew of politicians anywhere.

Man of Mystery

On Thursday, Lt. Gov. John Garamendi made it official. He doesn't mind putting a plush, easy job in Sacramento at risk. Nor is he daunted by the prospect of going up against some big-name fellow Democrats like Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, former state Treasurer Steve Westly or San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. He's taking his chances and entering the 2010 race for governor of California.

To which millions of Californians respond: John who?

Snoop to Bollywood

Long Beach native and hip-hop star Snoop Dogg recently filmed a Bollywood-themed music video with Indian actor Akshay Kumar.

Perhaps this is a clever attempt at revamping Snoop's image in a friendlier, happier and -- shall we say? -- more colorful light. If so, it's definitely working. What better place to transform from the solemn days of Death Row Records into the vivid butterfly of the musical millennium than Bollywood?

Snoop's rep has undergone a cute-ification in recent years, after the introduction of his family-based reality show "Father Hood." Filled with plenty of "aw, shucks" moments with his three kids (Corde, 13; Cordell, 11; Cordi, 7), it seems The Doggfather spends most of his time nowadays coaching his sons' Pee Wee football team and taking his daughter shopping.

And now Snoop's latest video -- featuring the title track for upcoming movie "Singh is King" -- will have the rapper dancing in traditional Bhangra style alongside Kumar.

Who knew even gangsta rappers could go legit? The track is guaranteed to sizzle. Fo' shizzle.

Laws, schmlaws

Following through on his threat, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed an order that (in theory) will slash salaries for nearly 200,000 state employees until Sacramento finally approves a state budget. Whether the pay cuts actually take effect, however, is highly doubtful.

Controller John Chiang, who cuts the state's checks, says he won't comply with Schwarzenegger's order. So the two pols could end up taking their differences to court.

Or not, if -- as Schwarzenegger predicts -- he and the Legislature finally come to terms on a budget within the next few days.

The only thing that's clear is that Sacramento is way overdue on a budget, which, under the state constitution, was supposed to be passed by June 15 and approved by July 1. And now Schwarzenegger wants to pay state workers the federal minimum wage, which is considerably lower than California's. Proving, once again, that while the folks in Sacramento write the laws, they don't actually follow them.

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