August 5, 2008

Statement By Jim Dyke, Executive Director of TV Watch: Studying The PTC

The Parents Television Council won't be satisfied with television content until they convince the government to enforce their personal, selective judgments. Parents agree with the challenges of selecting appropriate content in a multimedia era, but overwhelmingly reject their 'we know best and the government will make sure of that' approach.

We believe that over the years, the Parents Television Council has released numerous studies aimed at influencing lawmakers and regulators to believe that parents aren't competent enough to make television viewing decisions for their own families. In our view, this newest study follows previous formulas perfectly: another study with a scary title that uses faulty analysis, biased methodology and suspect omissions to influence the debate and raise money.

The Facts:

-- An overwhelming amount of parents (65 percent) monitor their children's media use

-- Parents think they have more influence over their kids than the media does

-- Parents have an increased awareness of ratings (81 percent) and V-Chip (70 percent)

-- 87% of parents believe they do a better job of protecting their children than the government.

(Bullets 1-3, Kaiser Family Foundation; Bullet 4, TV Watch research)

What we believe you should know about Parents Television Council studies:

-- Counts certain depictions of medical procedures as violence, which can greatly skew data.

-- The PTC repeatedly attacked shows that are widely popular, multi award winning and critically acclaimed shows.

-- The PTC cites specific examples from shows, but fails to cite the program's ratings.

TV Watch was launched in May 2005 and is the leading national organization to promote parental controls and individual choices as an alternative to increased government regulation of TV content. TV Watch is a nonpartisan coalition of 27 individuals and organizations including legal and entertainment experts and political and consumer organizations representing more than four million Americans. For more information about TV Watch, visit or contact Emily Tyner at (843) 722-9670.