August 6, 2008

Rogen: I Make Movies I’D Like to See

Canadian actor-writer-producer Seth Rogen says he likes to make movies that he and his friends would want to actually go out and see.

Rogen and his writing partner Evan Goldberg penned last summer's hit comedy, "Superbad," as well as the current release, "Pineapple Express." Rogen has also starred in and produced the big-screen Judd Apatow comedies, "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and "Knocked Up."

"The only thing we think of when we're writing these movies is, 'What do we want to go and see?' That's 100 percent of our motivation," Rogen told reporters in New York Monday. "We really don't give any thought as to what other people want to see Â… We really are catering to ourselves."

Rogen reunited with Apatow for "Pineapple Express." In addition to producing the film, Apatow also earned a story credit for it.

"The first notion for the story came from Judd -- just kind of the idea that these guys go on the run from pot dealers," Rogen recalled. "And then me and Evan just started really thinking of what was an organic way for that to happen and how can we really explore this funny relationship between potheads and pot dealers, and we really put in a lot of our own personal experiences and we did a lot of thinking about what exactly would we want to see in a movie -- car chases and shootouts."