August 7, 2008

Forest Fire Destroys 2,200 Hectares in Spain

A forest fire in the northeastern province of Zaragoza has been brought under control after destroying more than 2,200 hectares, Spanish National Radio has reported today.

Planes are continuing to pour water on the fire in the Zuera hills, which was started by a fatal road accident two days ago.

Defence Minister Carme Chacon interrupted her holiday to visit the area and praised the firefighters' work, in statements broadcast on the radio.

"There is no good fire," she said: "the best ones - the only good ones - are those that are prevented and therefore do not occur. But... when all this occurs, the good thing is to be able to act as we have acted."

Originally published by RNE Radio 1, Madrid, in Spanish 1200 7 Aug 08.

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