August 9, 2008

Redemption’s Songs Now on Album

Popular city metal band Redemption Unnamed release their debut album tomorrow.

The ultra-talented riff-heavy quartet are about to unleash Silent Shadows on a city crying out for some decent homegrown metal.

The guys - who feature angel-voiced female singer Dani Hawkins on vocals - were signed up to Sikotick Records in July last year and have been working on their debut record ever since.

They made history last year when they became the first band to take part in The Herald's own South West Battle of the Bands competition and then go on to secure a record deal.

Alex Kearney, lead guitar, said: "Silent Shadows shows our originality and progressive tendencies, while certainly melodic it is still very heavy in a raw old-school kind of way."

The album will be available at Redemption's gig tomorrow - but it won't be on general release until August 25.

Alex said: "The gig and early one-night release is our way of thanking the home fans who have supported our progress. It is also a chance to pick up a copy before anyone else."

Under that scary metal exterior, Redemption Unnamed have kind, warm hearts. The Bar Favel gig tomorrow is also a fundraiser for Breakthrough Breast Cancer - and Alex hopes it will raise plenty of cash.

He said: "It features three other bands, 15 rock DJs, more than three floors of music, and plenty of fun.

"We are promising something for everyone."

Check out Andy Howard's club column on this page for more details.

Redemption Unnamed will be onstage at 10pm.

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