August 10, 2008

Elvis and His Elves Work Had to Get Costumes Ready for Souled Out

National Elf SERVICE: Elves are working hard to make sure all the actors about to start filming Northern Soul movie Souled Out are properly decked out in period costume.

The recruits, all from Stoke-on-Trent, who have been taken on by filmmakers Ipso Facto, to help Oscar-nominated costume designer Elvis Davis, pictured, have been given the nickname Elvis's Elves around set.

They have been tasked with shopping for period clothes in charity stores, and dying, sewing and generally converting modern clothing to look as if it has come fresh from 1974.

Elvis, who has previously worked on Prince of Thieves and Saving Private Ryan, among others, said: " We are up against it, but we should just about be ready in time for the start of filming."

Picture: Cara Edgington

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