August 10, 2008

Dark Hero is Back in Action

The dark protector of Gotham city's sky is back to rid the streets of crime!

The latest blockbusting movie to hit the cinemas is the sequel to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight.

Our secret superhero Bruce Wayne vowed to keep the city safe after seeing his parents taken away at an early age.

Billionaire Bruce leads a double life, shy by day and batty by night Batman faces one of his greatest challenges yet as he confronts an old rival the Joker.

He's ready for action and can't wait to wipe that pesky smile off the Joker's face!

This film is totally wicked!

It's packed full of action and adventure but does have a very definite dark side!

The man himself has stepped up a gear leaving his Batmobile at home and exchanging it for a Batpod!

It's got to be the coolest motorcycle on the planet!

The movie is out now, cert 12A.

What a guy!

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