August 11, 2008

Wireless Ronin Implements Digital Signage in Cinemagic’s Burnsville Theater

Wireless Ronin Technologies, a digital signage provider, has announced that the Cinemagic, a movie theater chain, has implemented RoninCast digital signage into its movie theater in Burnsville, Minnesota.

The company said that RoninCast digital signage has incorporated into this design in the box office, bar and lobby areas which showcase movie trailers and ticket information. Digital menu board signage has also been installed in concession areas.

According to the company, a key feature of the RoninCast software used in this network is the Database Client, allowing Cinemagic to automatically update content from ticket and menu board pricing databases. Day parting of content also allows for automatic content updates based on time of day to reflect daytime and evening pricing.

Wireless Ronin has provided a range of services to support the implementation of the Cinemagic network including hardware procurement, fixturing, project management, installation, and training. Cinemagic has implemented the RoninCast software in an enterprise format and develops its own content using many existing resources.

Jeffrey Mack, chairman, president and CEO of Wireless Ronin Technologies, said: "The Cinemagic theater in Burnsville truly represents a modern movie experience and our RoninCast digital signage is a great addition to the beautiful ambiance of the environment."