August 11, 2008

Seth Rogen Gearing Up for ‘Hornet’

Canadian actor and scribe Seth Rogen says he is working hard to prepare for his upcoming role in "The Green Hornet."

"I hear he's been working out (to play the superhero,)" Rogen's "Pineapple Express" co-star James Franco told reporters in New York recently.

"I keep telling him. He doesn't believe me, though," Rogen, sitting beside him, said with a laugh.

"It's so unnecessary, though, because they'll just give you a muscle suit," added Franco, who co-starred in the three recent "Spider-Man" movies.

"It's true," Rogen agreed. "But there are a lot of shots of me, like, coming out of pools in slow motion. There's, like, 13 shots of that, so that's why I'm working out so much. What can I tell you? (My writing partner Evan Goldberg and I) have written it. We're meeting with directors right now. We have a release date of June 2010, I think, so you can teleport to the theater or get there in your flying car, probably. If there's still a world in 2010. But, yeah, we're looking to make it around February or March, so as soon as we get a director, we'll start pre-production."

Asked if he knows who will play Kato, his titular character's sidekick, in the new superhero flick, Rogen replied: "No, not right now. Until we hire a director, it's kind of hard to cast the entire thing."