August 12, 2008

Majida Al Roumi in Carthage, a Peace Dove for Freedom

Famous and romantic Lebanese singer Majida Al Roumi performed at the Carthage music festival, after a four-year of absence.

According to the London daily Elaph, Majida came up on stage wearing a white dress, looking like a white dove singing for peace. She began her performance with the song "Talo Hbabna Talo" (Our Beloved Ones Showed Up).

A large number of fans cheered her on and welcomed her once again to Carthage. Majida thanked her fans for coming and thanked Tunisia for inviting her. She said that she is very happy to be there with them and that she wanted to sing for peace and happiness.

Majida also sang "Aa Al Salamah Ya Tunis" (Goodbye Tunisia) and some of her greatest old and new songs. She announced that she is tired of war and hopes there will soon be peace throughout the Arab world.

Majida also sang "Am Bahlamak Ya Helm Lebnon" (I'm Dreaming the Lebanese Dream) for her beloved country and she also sang "Nasheed Al Salam" (Recitation for Peace).

Behind the scenes, Majida was very pleased to be part of Carthage. She said that at Carthage an artist grows and becomes more famous, because it is considered the number one music festival in the Arab world. Over 12,000 fans came to see Majida, making it a successful night for her. 2008 Al Bawaba (

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