August 12, 2008

Morgan Stanley Alum Named Chief Operating Officer and Board Member at Stereo Vision

Stereo Vision Entertainment, Inc. (OTCBB:SVSN), a film production company focused exclusively on developing high-quality, low-cost, polarized 3D feature films, announced today that Morgan Stanley Alum Anthony Munafo has been named Chief Operating Officer and Board member with immediate effect.

Stereo Vision's Chairman, BAYWATCH creator Doug Schwartz, stated, "I'm very happy that we've landed a terrific talent like Anthony Munafo. Our Company is poised for success, and our ability to secure good financings for our many exciting 3D properties is greatly enhanced by his joining our team. Tony has a wealth of experience and contacts in the investment community, and he's already hard at work with our fantastic new CEO, Larry Biggs, and our stalwart CFO, Goldman Sachs veteran Ted Botts. Stereo Vision is now converting its comprehensive one-year plan into a five-year plan, in order to accomplish the business mission as set forth by Stereo Vision's Founder, Jack Honour. We'll be delivering this exciting, new opportunity to Wall Street by mid-September.

"With the continued exponential growth in the digital 3D theatre footprint, and a powerful new thrust for 3D TV from the major studios, the polarized 3D content business looks like it has a pretty bright future."

Tony Munafo added, "I've been a Stereo Vision shareholder for over five years. In the past, for a while, our plan for polarized 3D entertainment content was ahead of the curve. But now the Industry has caught on, and it's the right place, right time for a pure play, publicly traded, high-quality, low-cost, 3D entertainment content company. I'm very excited about the opportunity to work with the Stereo Vision team in the effort to bring added value to the Stereo Vision shareholders."

About Stereo Vision

Located in Van Nuys, California, Stereo Vision Entertainment is a film production company focused exclusively on producing high-quality, low-cost, polarized 3D entertainment content. Responding to the incredible growth of digital projection 3D theater systems worldwide, and the exploding demand for polarized 3D content, Stereo Vision has been developing an exciting slate of commercial 3D properties.

Led by a management team that includes Chairman and Chief Production Officer, "Baywatch" creator Douglas Schwartz, Wall Street mover and shaker, Chief Executive Officer Larry Biggs, and Chief Financial Officer, Goldman Sachs veteran Theodore Botts, Stereo Vision intends to produce, along with other assorted 3D entertainment properties, a continuing stream of commercial 3D feature films. Capitalizing on its long-standing studio relationships, Stereo Vision is uniquely positioned to be a significant player in future of the 3D entertainment content industry.

This press release may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, including statements regarding business strategy and development plans, plans for entering into new businesses, anticipated sources and uses of funds and other statements that are not historical facts.