August 12, 2008

Which Movie Snack Gets on Your Nerves the Most? Popcorn Banned By Cinemas for Being Messy and Downmarket


YOU'LL recognise the moment - you're at the pictures, engrossed in a rivetingly tense moment in the film, when suddenly the magic is shattered by someone noisily opening a bag of popcorn two rows in front.

Or it's a couple taking it in turns to sip - again with a seemingly amplified degree of noise - from a shared straw in a giant vat of soft drink.

And, if these two things don't distract you entirely, it'll be the crowd of giggling teens passing around a huge bag of sweets and rustling wrappers until your nerves are at straining point.

One thing is sure: watching movies can sometimes test your patience.

Popcorn has been criticised for being 'smelly, messy and downmarket', and a number of cinema chains have banned it.

The boss of London's awardwinning Tricycle cinema and theatre says popcorn is 'horrible stuff ' with an all-pervasive smell, a 'form of junk food that encourages junk entertainment', and which 'distracts and annoys people intensely.'

Daniel Broch, owner of the capital's Everyman Cinema Club, has banished popcorn from his 17 venue empire, instead offering made-to- order canapes and a waiter service - can't wait to see if that catches on in Glasgow.

Popcorn is said to be lucrative, however, with one estimate claiming it costs less to produce than its cardboard container.

Picturehouse Cinema, Britain's largest art house chain, will introduce popcorn-free screenings from next month.

Glasgow's many cinemas include Cineworld, whose Marketing Communications Manager, Luke Roberts, said: "So far we have not seen any demand for popcorn-free days or popcornfree screenings from our customers, but we will continue to keep our eyes and ears open to customer feedback".

Armed with a jumbo hot dog, a family-sized bag of Revels and a gigantic bag of popcorn, we asked you: what, if anything, would you like to see banned from the cinema - and why?

AKELLA CHERGUI, 22, student, City Centre: I hate it when you are in the cinema and there are people around you who are eating their food really loudly.

PAUL DIVERS, 18, plumber, Glasgow: The noise and the smell of nachos annoy me and it would be good to see them banned.

KERRI PEARSON, 25, youth worker, Cumbernauld: The only thing that annoys me is the price of the tickets.

DARREN MACLEAN, 24, selfemployed, City Centre:

The only thing I would like to see banned is hot dogs.

REBECCA GUNN, 20, student, City Centre:

I would like to ban the cheesy dip that you get with the nachos.

RACHANA KAINTH, student, Glasgow: The only things that annoys me is little kids that come in late and leave the movie early.

ROSS McLELLAND, 20, student, Glasgow: I would ban crisps because you can hear people eating them, especially if they're sitting next to you.

ANDY DOCHERTY, 48, plumber, Bishopbriggs: I would like to see nachos banned from the cinema as I don't like the noise or smell of them.

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