August 13, 2008

Unicorn Media: Call for Content!

LONDON, August 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Unicorn Media is a brand spanking new online entertainment hotspot offering a no strings way to make money off your artistic output. By the use of advertising, revenue is generated on a per-view / listen basis, meaning the more popular your video or song, the more money you can make - it's a method that satisfies the consumer's desire for free content and the artist's need to make some cash! The offer is non-exclusive and gives the artist a 50/50 split of the revenues associated with that content.

Large media companies have spent millions of pounds trying to create platforms where they can distribute their content on-line. Unicorn Media gives content owners who don't have the benefit of big media budgets the opportunity to get their content on-line, distributed globally and monetised at no cost.

All content is streamed immediately to the user's computer or TV, and uses a high quality flash media player which ensures their work is shown in the best light possible. This media player is click-to-view, so no software download is required; and better still the player is embeddable, enabling the content owners to benefit from distributing their high quality media from their own sites, blogs and social destinations.

All content is strictly screened to ensure that all the poor quality land-fill media that populates other media destinations is filtered out altogether, so only professional looking media is allowed. You can submit as much content you want and at any length, from short music tracks to full length feature films.

Unicorn Media will also be launching an easy way to sell your video and music via the website, with all profits split 80/20 in favour of the artist.

Unicorn Media is paving the way to a brighter digital future that makes sense, and will undoubtedly become an important forerunner in the free media age. The site is currently looking for content from artists across the world to add to the site in time for its launch at the end of August. With such a truly no-strings set up, this is a unique opportunity not to be missed!

Be sure to contact [email protected] and get involved!

Unicorn Media

CONTACT: For all PR enquiries, or any other info please [email protected], +44-(0)20-7033-4000