August 13, 2008

Citizens Demand Nightlife

BANGALORE: A demonstration to address the freedom of cultural expression in the city - not just against the ban on live bands, but also to protect cultural vibrancy curbed by restrictions on nightlife - saw over 200 participants on Sunday. (Watch http://

Noted artistes, theatre personalities and DJs gathered near Mahatma Gandhi statue and called for better nightlife in the city. "It's disturbing that restrictions are imposed on mere assumptions and not incidents. How can enjoying good, live music in a decent restaurant with a drink at night be illegal? Having done this freely at almost all places around the world, such restrictions sound absurd to me,"writer and actor Girish Karnad said.

His placard, that read, 'Bangalore police is going after musicians instead of criminals,' had many supporters. "Bangalore is perhaps the only city in India with narrow-minded restrictions. Even places like Kolkata have an active nightlife till three or four in the morning,"said Arun R, a protester.

Former ad guru and musician Stanley Pinto said having lived for several decades enjoying good music and wine late at night, imagining a life devoid of this is impossible. "Such simple joys of life cannot be called illegal and it is time we stand for what we love and live before it is too late"he said.

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