August 13, 2008

Jagapati Babus Up and About!

I owe my success to Ram Gopal Varma," declared actor Jagapati Babu at a recent function.

Definitely he wasn't singing paeans to the maverick director. He was rather stating a fact. Packaged as an angry young man in RGV's Ghayam, the actor buried his past ghosts to emerge as a saleable star.

Sensibly, to avoid being stereotyped, he juggled roles in his 40- odd films --- as a lover boy in Subhakanshalu, a caring husband in Subhalagnam, a doting brother and an estranged son in Sivaramaraju and Peddababu, respectively, coupled with action flicks like Hanuman Junction and Samanyudu to display his acting repertoire.

But his impeccable performance in Kathanayakudu as the poor friend of a superstar was the icing on the cake. Now he's joined RGV once again for an horror film titled Raksha to test his acting skills in a new genre. Well dude, keep it up.

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