August 14, 2008

Help With Autism, Down Syndrome & Other Special Needs; The TV Teacher Releases Its Newest Program!

ATLANTA, Aug. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- The TV Teacher, LLC(TM) announces the release of its third DVD: "Strokes, Shapes & Scenes"(TM). This new, innovative and fun educational video helps children learn pre-writing and creative drawing.

"Most children with Autism really struggle with abstract thinking," says Susan Ellis, co-creator and mother of two special needs children. "We have developed a program that will spark that creative thought process using our video-modeling technique and fun rhythmic songs. My own two sons (ages 4 & 7) would never sit and draw; and now, because of watching this video, it is their FAVORITE thing to do! It produced better results than even I had thought possible!"

"We're not just teaching shapes, but teaching how to recognize shapes around us, how to draw the shapes, and how to think creatively to make pictures out of them! There is simply nothing like this on the market," says Marnie Danielson, co-creator and occupational therapist.

The TV Teacher, LLC(TM), created by Ms. Ellis and Ms. Danielson, released the first of a two DVD set called "Alphabet Beats"(TM) in 2006. It was originally developed to help Ms. Ellis' son, Ryan, living with Autism, learn how to write the alphabet. Their innovative approach helped Ryan learn how to write a letter on his own within minutes, where "traditional" therapy had not produced any results for years. Their multi-sensory program is now being used in school systems and clinics across the country.

Strokes, Shapes & Scenes, is a unique program divided into three developmental sections: one for "pre-writing" basic strokes; one for shapes which includes shape recognition, drawing the shapes, and creative thinking to expand them into functional pictures; and the last section on scenes, which encourages drawing items such as a house, trees, people, bikes, and more.

Shelby Nelson, an ABA Kindergarten teacher remarked, "Teaching children with Autism to think creatively and be abstract can be a very difficult task -- it's like putting a square peg in a round hole. I've seen how well my students respond to their "Alphabet Beats" series and the video-modeling approach. I can't wait to show them this new program!"

The TV Teacher's customized workbooks as well as demonstrations of the videos are available at: The TV Teacher has been featured on NBC,, Advance Magazine for Occupational Therapy Practitioners, Marietta Daily Journal, and Atlanta Parent magazine, as well as many radio interviews across the country.

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