August 14, 2008

Khaled Yousif Chooses Haifa

The Egyptian director Khaled Yousif announced that he has chosen the famous Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbe to start in his latest film "Dukan Shahatah" (Shahatah's Market). This is Haifa's first role.

Haifa recently arrived in Cairo to begin filming her scenes. Egyptian actors Amro Saed, Ghada Abed Al Razaq and Omar Abed Al Jalil will also star in the new film.

The director was criticized for giving the leading role to Haifa since this is her first experience.

Yousif said, "As a director I am free to make my own choices, and an actor should not be criticized before he or she has acted."

The film will discuss the changes in Egyptian life style over the past ten years. The story of the film revolves around 'Shahatah,' a poor man who looses his innocence at the end of the film. 2008 Al Bawaba (

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