August 14, 2008

Widow’s Stars Were Certainly Merited

DEAR ME, Mr Kerr (Letters, August 13): lighten up! I, too, value Michael Tumelty's opinions, even if I sometimes wonder if he and I were at the same event. I cannot comment on Mahagonny, but I am at one with Michael's opinion of the first-night performance by Scottish Opera of The Two Widows.

While the opera itself may not flow as smoothly as The Bartered Bride, it does have lots of attractive music, and the fact the music is immediately accessible should not see it derided. I take it that Hugh Kerr shares Michael Tumelty's penchant for the esoteric, but there is room in the repertoire - even in Edinburgh - for lighter fare. Enjoyment of a particular production is always subjective, but in this case the mood of the production and the music chimed together (and incidentally showed that the Germans do have a sense of humour). What is indisputable is that the standard of performance on the first night of principals, chorus and orchestra well merited the five stars.

Mr Kerr's opinion is, of course, as valid as mine, but I would suggest that the result of a straw poll of the Festival Theatre audience after the first night, judging by their reactions, would be something like Tumelty and me 1900, Mr Kerr 1.

Ian Szymanski, 152 East Princes Street, Helensburgh.

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